Hurricane and storm season is approaching and with that brings tropical storms, daily rain, high winds and flooding that can wreak havoc.Are you ready? June 1 is the actual start of the season and happily ends November 30. Unfortunately, living in Florida means storms are so unpredictable! Afternoon spring showers can come in offshore at 30 to 40 mph and can cause damage just like a hurricane. Having your trees properly inspected and trimmed before storm season will help with unnecessary damage to your property.

Why You Should Prepare Your Trees Now

Being proactive can save you time, money and heartache. Don’t be the person who waits until hours before the storm and worries about the trees on their property. Millions of dollars of damage are incurred by property owners every year who did not prepare their property before hand. Preparing ahead of time will save you money in the long run. As a tree service in Tampa, we know how busy this job can get when a hurricane threatens either side of our state. Forecasting models can predict to a certain degree on where a hurricane will go but nothing is ever exact when knowing the strength and intensity of the store. If you have overgrown trees, especially Oak trees on your property, then now is the time to get them trimmed and inspected.

If your tree is not properly thinned out, the branches that are heavily weighted down with foliage could possibly become uprooted. Also weak and damaged branches could easily break off and end up as dangerous flying debris. Uprooted trees and flying debris not only could cause property damage it could also become a dangerous or deadly situation. This is the type of damage that happens throughout the neighborhood, so its not just about your own trees but also your neighbors trees and their health.

We personally have seen crushed vehicles, branches in roofs and even a whole tree that become uprooted that engulfed a two story house and trap a family in. With awareness and taking proactive measures performed by a licensed and properly insured tree service you can honestly say you prepared for Florida’s hurricane and storm season this year. Be sure you get a couple of quotes from quality tree services and ask to see their insurance and license as not all services are insured. If you, the homeowner hires a person who is not insured to trim or remove your tree and something happens, it will be you the homeowner that is at fault and will have to pay any damages caused by that person.