Uplifted driveways, sidewalks, cracked house foundation, septic, and water issues are many problems caused by a trees root system. What can be done to prevent or stop this from happening?

Before planting a tree, find out how big the root system is going to be when it reaches maturity. Usually a root system will grow the length of the tree canopy. You do have to think long term when placing the tree in your yard. Make sure the roots will not impact anything when the tree hits maturity level. This is especially true with Oak trees. Oak trees can live 20+ years and grow to take over the average persons yard in canopy size.

What To Do If You Have A Problem Tree Stump?

If your tree is already full grown and you run into problems or think it eventually will, you still can receive help. Root pruning is your answer! Root pruning is the process of cutting the roots all the way around the diameter of the tree canopy about eight to ten inches down in to the ground and therefore stopping the growth of the roots into a certain area. If the tree was planted next to a driveway or sidewalk then root pruning might not help as much since the root system is already well established.

If the tree was planted in the middle of the yard and you have 10+ feet until it reaches the sidewalk or driveway then root pruning might help stop any damage that is already occurring or may start to occur in the near future. It’s best to be proactive when it comes to stopping stump/root damage to your property. Our company offers a free estimate as well as a free evaluation on if this type of service will help you and your property. Sometimes the answer might be that the tree just needs to be removed. Oak trees are usually the ones that cause the most damage with lifted sidewalks and driveways. Some even damage septic or sewer pipes, but Palm Trees can also damage piping underground.

If you feel that this may be a service that you are in need of, please do not hesitate to call! Stinson Tree Service offers free estimates and is ready to take on any job, let us help you prevent any preventable costly repairs from the damages these root systems can cause without damaging the tree itself.