About Us

Why Choose Us For Your Tree Removal?

With various local and national tree services operating in the Tampa region, why is Stinson Tree Service the option for your family or business?

We're Locally Owned and Operated

Stinson Tree Service is a family-owned business with considerable connections to the Tampa area. As a locally owned company, we're heartily invested in the success of the Tampa community. If you prefer working with local providers versus national firms, we're an excellent choice.

We Offer Verified Testimonials

It's essential to work with a tree service that you can trust. We've been building our reputation in the industry for decades. If you'd like access to verified testimonials from other Tampa clients, get in touch with our team.

We Are Licensed and Insured

If you want to protect your family or your business against complications stemming from tree removal or services, you’ll want to work with a team that is adequately insured. Working with an uninsured tree-service company can translate to you being financially responsible for any damages that they cause to your property. Our team at Stinson Tree Service is fully licensed and insured. In the rare incidence of damage during our services, we take full liability. If you'd like more information about our insurance policies and licenses, give us a call.

We Have Extensive Experience

With decades of experience performing complex tree removals and trimming jobs, Stinson Tree Service is a veteran in the industry. Our team understands the complexities associated with tree removal and how to mitigate dangers and potential problems. If you want to work with a Tampa team that has a longstanding reputation for success, Stinson Tree Service is the obvious choice.

Tree Trimming & Removal

Don’t let tree issues endanger your family or property.

Experienced & Dependable

Put decade of arborist experience to work for you, at affordable rates.

Verifiable Reputation

All of our customer feedback is from real people with real stories that we helped!

Our Tree Service Skills

  • Certified Arborist 100% 100%
  • Tree Removal 95% 95%
  • Tree Trimming 85% 85%
  • Stump Removal 90% 90%
  • Root Pruning 95% 95%

Tampa's Top Choice Tree Service!